Gatot Kaca Fantasy-Games Will Enliven the Indonesian Film Industry

Medan, Film Medan - Fantasy-action film Satria Dewa: Gatotkaca will soon enliven the Indonesian film industry with Gatotkaca puppet characters as superheroes.

By the production house maker, Satria Dewa MagMA Entertainment, the film directed by Charles Gozali will be aimed at the audience of Generation Z or millennial.

"How do you do something, in the form of Dewa Studio's work, so that when he (Gatotkaca) appears, our picture can be accepted because this film is aimed at Z and Millennials," said Linda Gozali, the film's producer, at the shooting location for the film's teaser in the  Kotra Tua area, Jakarta, Sunday (11/18/2018).

Linda also said that, planned, the film will star Bayu Oktora and M AdhiyatThe film will involve many filmmakers from the country who are experienced in producing a work that can be appreciated by many people.

Cinematography will be handled by Hani Pradigya, nominee for the 2018 Indonesian Film Festival for the Best Cinematography Director category through the film Wage. The artistic will be held by Ade Gimbal.

"Costumes, Nindi. Chris Lee are from the design. CGI is assisted by Imagia Studios, which has Reino Barack," Linda said.

Now, continued Linda, the movie teaser Satria Dewa: Gatotkaca is being made and the film's script is being matured.

"We must consider the story too. Currently the script is still being developed, the author is Asaf Antariksa, younger brother of Garin Nugroho, assisted by Bagus Bramanti, who wrote (scenario) Kartini, Talak Tiga too," Linda said.

This article has been aired on entitled "Gatotkaca" Is judged to be able to defeat Superman on the big screen" [Eva Serviyana]

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